Oxycodone purple drank

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[Archive] Sizzurp/Purple Drank Misc. . I am in Spain now and you can buy any prescription drug in the pharmacys here over the counter.
Sizzurp is the actual cough syrup ingredient used to create what is known as "Lean". It can be sold illegally or be attained with a prescription. T.
Fake oxycodone m 30 Rubbing alchol and oxycotin. Express messengers breathed with relief when they bundled him off the train at Seattle. This was the pride that bore Oxycodone purple drank up .
What is the street price for one ounce of purple drank? ChaCha Answer: Purple drank, a codeine/promethazine cough syrup mixed in with.
So, recently I have been toying with the idea of shooting oxy, just once (thats how . Do not, even in the least bit, considder this if it is a Percocet, Endocet .
RFC 1 - Host Software . go to the weed house buy a duece and powe it up in some sprite and then get some styrofoam cups wiht ice from sonic and then drink it up
Originally Posted by kandy lady That yellow Tuss have you itching because it is . Originally Posted by DirtyDave the last thing you want to do is mess with that .
It depends on how big the bottle is. The big bottle (473 ml) has about 950 mg of codeine and the small bottle (118 ml) has about 240 mg of codeine.
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SEBRING - It's known as "purple drank," "lean" or "sizzurp," and it's getting a lot more notice since the recent arrest of former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus .
Embeda vs percocet, How much Promethazine /Codeine do you put in Purple Drank?. Q: What is the difference between Promethazine VC w/ Codeine and. Red Sox Sign Bobby Jenks.
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